Depth Charges - Manual Image

Depth charges being deployed, as seen in the manual for Silent Hunter III.

...a barrel filled with explosives that slowly sinks towards a set depth...
- Silent Hunter III Manual

A depth charge is an anti-submarine weapon that was deployed on destroyers to be used against German U-boats during World War II. The weapon is featured in Silent Hunter III.

Overview Edit

Silent Hunter III Edit

Depth charges make an appearance in Silent Hunter III as one of the anti-submarine weapons deployed on Allied destroyers intended for use against German U-boats.

The weapon is seen in use from 1939 and onwards.

Manual Edit
Deployed from either the racks on the sterns of the ships or projectors on their sides, the depth charge is essentially the same weapon it was in World War I: a barrel filled with explosives that slowly sinks towards a set depth, which triggers its explosion. It needs to explode within close proximity of the submarine's hull in order to do any significant damage, and this, coupled with the lack of target depth information during early war, led to it being a very ineffective weapon. There are known instances of submarines surviving attacks of a few hundred depth charges.

While virtually blind in his steel hull during depth charge attacks, an experienced U-boat commander can lessen the chances of receiving damage. Waiting for the moment when the approaching escort increases speed to enter the attack run, he can order full speed ahead in confidence that he has entered the ASDIC blind spot and the escort cannot hear much due to its own increased speed. Gaining as much distance and depth as possible is always a good thing to do just before the depth charges start exploding.

One this happens, the acoustic conditions will be ruined in that particular area for a period of time, which leads to both the ASDIC and hydrophone becoming ineffective.''
- Silent Hunter III Manual