Type II-A
Type IIA - U-boat - Right side shot
The Type II-A found in Silent Hunter III.
Displacement: 254 tons (surfaced)
303 tons (submerged)
Length: 40.9 meters
Beam: 4.1 meters
Draft: 3.8 meters
Max. speed (surfaced): 13.0 knots
Max. speed (submerged): 6.9 knots
Endurance: 1,050 nautical miles (12kt surfaced)
35 nautical miles (4kt submerged)
Depth: 100 meters (operational)
150 meters (maximum)
Dive time: 35 seconds
Torpedo tubes: 3 bow, 0 stern
Reloads: 3
Guns: 1 × 20mm machine gun
Cost: 0 Renown

Nicknamed the "einbaum" (dugout canoe) by their crews...
- Silent Hunter III, Manual[1]

The German Type II U-boat is a coastal submarine operated by the Kriegsmarine and is featured in Silent Hunter III.


Silent Hunter IIIEdit

The Type II-A U-boat makes an appearance in Silent Hunter III as the player's starting U-boat when (and if) they begin their career in 1939. Later in the campaign, the player can upgrade to the Type II-D at a cost of 500 renown.

The Type II is the least advanced U-boat in the game and is fairly weak in all areas from speed to armament. The Type II-D improves the operating range (endurance), drive time and depth over the Type II-A, although its performance remains limited.


Nicknamed the "einbaum" (dugout canoe) by their crews, the Type II U-boats were the first production submarines constructed for the Kriegsmarine after World War I. While the earlier Type I prototype (which would eventually evolve into the Type IX long-range U-boat) was designed as a fleet submarine, the Type II was designed as a short-range coastal boat primarily for defensive use.

Because of their short range and relatively weak armament (three torpedo tubes and a machine gun) the Type II U-boats were mostly relegated to training duties after 1940.

However, six Type II-B's were dismantled and shipped by barge, road, and rail to the Black Sea port of Constan_a, from which they operated against Soviet shipping.
- Silent Hunter III, Manual[1]

Type II-AEdit

The original variant. First launched in 1935.
- Silent Hunter III, Manual[1]

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Type II-DEdit

This final variant of the Type II has extra saddle-tanks similar to those used on Type VII U-boats, giving it sufficient range to operate around the British Isles.

First launched in 1940, the II-D saw active service only briefly, as the need for training boats was so great. By 1941, they all had been relegated to training duties.
- Silent Hunter III, Manual[1]

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